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Oh for the Love ... !! I Quit. I Mean It. I Do. Maybe.

Note:  It’s been a long while since I dedicated a blog but this one I am.  This is for my favorite BubbleGirl.  An awesome supporter and a sweet friend … pushing me, prodding me, and, when necessary *hugging* me.  I don’t know when I can go backwards, Whims, but I promise I will try to continue to go forwards.  This ramble prelude is for you.  The full-on episode ramble will be ready no later than Monday morning.  That’s my deadline and I give you full permission to become your peskiest textiest self if I don’t meet it.  On that you have Keeper’s Word.


Supernatural is unlike any show I’ve ever previously watched and I’m not too sure that I’ll ever have the opportunity to watch another like it.  Some may try and may come close, but they won’t be the same by any stretch of the imagination.


Now, I have avidly enjoyed television all my life.  When I was young, I watched CBS soap operas with my mom during our lunch and early afternoon “rest” time.  I loved the Hughes family with the conniving Lisa and the Bauers were always taking care of family in the most interesting ways.  As I got older, and I got to stay up later on Fridays and Saturdays, I discovered late night television and Saturdays particularly stay in my mind because it would just be me and my dad, staying up late and watching movies (particularly westerns) while my mom & brother went on to bed.  I even enjoyed spending time watching the PBS programs of Sesame Street & The Electric Company with my little brother.  Of course, I was really too old for them.  I was simply watching to keep him involved and learning.  Seriously.  *wink*  


Over the years, my viewing wandered the television spectrum … Dallas was a must see on Fridays, but my favorite were the antics of Knots Landing on Thursdays.  While the original Star Trek was watched with my family, it didn’t catch my attention as much as Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Will Riker was lovely, but I was always a Jean Luc Picard girl.  I even followed to Deep Space Nine and Voyager.  I’m not really going to go into my 21 Jump Street phase, except to say that Johnny Depp may be a bit different, but even when he was just starting out, he inhabited an intriguing and ever changing character.  We also won’t go into my Hercules and Xena phase.  Let’s just say that Kevin Sorbo was … um … ahem …  well, I’ll just say I sure did enjoy that show!!


Then came Buffy and, later, Angel.  Oh, good grief!  How I did love those shows.  Time would stop and I would simply enter the worlds of Sunnydale & Los Angeles to be swallowed up in the characters and atmosphere created by some incredibly talented people.  There was also my Firefly adoration.  I’m still angry with FOX and their lack of faith in something so incredibly wonderful.


Along the way there have been many other shows that I’ve made a point to stop and watch, to videotape, to mention in conversation with friends, to watch again.  I’ll confess, I still have my video tape of the original 6 episodes of Max Headroom and pull it out periodically to watch.  There are currently run program I adore … The Big Bang Theory … and enjoy … NCIS & Bones & Chuck & Criminal Minds and others … or get frustrated with but still keep coming back … 24 & Numbers.  Yet none of them hold a candle to the love I have for the show Supernatural.


I don’t just enjoy the show, I am a confessed fan. 


From the moment it premiered on September 13, 2005, I have been carried away and blown away by the world and the characters created by Kripke and his band of merry torturers … er … um … writers.  His creative staff continually pull together each week some of the best television I have ever watched.  The worst episode of Supernatural, in my opinion, is better than anything else I’ve watched on another program.  That’s my opinion.  I realize it isn’t for others.  Many have laughed at me or scoffed my dedication.  That’s okay.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings.




Because along with finding a program that I thoroughly enjoy, I gained something incredible … a family of fans that became a family of friends, even if we are spread across this nation … and, in a couple of cases, overseas.  Granted, the internet was a big proponent.  Through TVGuide’s, once upon a time, wonderful website, I found people who were not only interested in talking about this show, but also encouraged me to write about my feelings, write about this show that I loved and enjoyed.  I found people who went past just the program and actually cared about me as a person.  People who, after the demise of our favorite spot on, found alternative ways to gather, to continue to chat & discuss & check in on me and the others of our group.  Friendships were forged and, as time progressed, meetings took place in person and faces were attached to names as we traveled. 


So … after all this … why in the world would I sit down and declare last night that I hated this show and vow to never watch again?


I was serious.  I was sobbing.  I was so frustrated and filled with emotion for the episode that had just played itself out on my television screen that I wanted to throw my remote and not my Nerf ball at the television.  (Nerf balls are safe, they don’t break screens the way remotes and other harder objects do.)   The point had arrived that, in my brain I knew would come, yet my heart wasn’t ready and the fact that it came in the form of an episode written by one of my all time favorite Supernatural writers, Sera Gamble, is no surprise.  She has wrenched my emotions before and has had me declaring my undying hatred and quest to quit watching more than once. 


Of course, I might also mention here that I tend to get a bit rash in my declarations of intent when I am emotional.  Most of the time I can remain calm and level, but when pushed to a point where rational thought is lost in the sea of emotion, I have been known to make some hasty remarks and last night, well, last night there was a lot of emotion going on … both on my television screen and on my couch. 


Have you ever read a book in which the author crafts the most amazing and intense story, drawing you into the characters, into the world where they revolve … intensifying emotions and weaving the threads of story so tightly that suddenly you have to quit?  The book isn’t finished, but you simply have to stop.  You have to physically put it down … step away … take a breath and gather back your equilibrium?  Sometimes it takes just a moment … a quick trip to the fridge … sometimes it takes a bit longer.  Ultimately you return, you find your place and you plunge once more into the world of your imagination – colored by the words written by this gifted writer.


The same thing can happen with a piece of art … a canvas being drawn … a ceramic piece being painted … a needlework being sewn.  You work so hard on it, watching it grow from a blank, empty, unformed base towards that finished product that only you can truly see inside your head, inside your imagination.  Yet you reach a point where you believe it will never look the way you see it … that it is simply a mess of colors and paint and thread and has no form or pattern.  You have to step away.  Your emotions have gotten involved and you need to take a moment to get perspective before you can return and finish the piece of art that you are lovingly crafting.


It seems as though each season of Supernatural does the same thing for me … to me.  I get so caught up in the lives of the Winchester Boys, in the adventures, in the emotions, in the story being woven – overall and seasonally – that I reach a point  in the season where I have to step back, gain some perspective, and calm my heart before plunging back into the story … onto the next episode.  Lucky for me, I’m always given at least a week – although those stupid hiatus’ sometimes increase that time – to get myself mentally ready to continue on this journey that Eric Kripke dreamed of and his merry band of torturers … er … um … writers/directors/actors/et al  … create through dialogue, direction, atmosphere, characterization, etc. 


The Song Remains the Same was the episode for this fifth season that made me stop.  I’ll admit it snuck up on me.  I honestly didn’t see it coming.  I’m not sure why I didn’t.  It always seems to be the 12th or 13th episode that catches me.  Season one … it was Faith.  Season two … it was Houses of the Holy.  Season three … it was Jus in Bello.  Season four it was Sex & Violence.  And this season, season five … it was The Song Remains the Same.  Each one powerfully done, tying together the emotions and the path changes of the previous episodes of that individual season, taking the journey of The Boys and thrusting them forward in their thoughts, their beliefs, their incredibly complex and yet strangely simple black and white with shades of gray world.  Their beliefs are challenged.  Everything they previously thought has either been altered, confirmed or discounted.  The world around them leaps and distorts as they try to keep their feet planted and believe in one another because in the end, it’s just them … two brothers (well … now two brothers and an angel) journeying on a hero’s path filled with pitfalls and lined with evil on one side and good on the other.


It’s been said that there is a fine line between good and evil, between love and hate.


With those last words spoken from young Mary to her unborn son, I knew in my heart three things …


1)      That I hated this show with everything I had for the way it has woven itself around and through my heart for the past 95 episodes, for making me have to wait, and guess, and hope, and angst over the possibilities of what will come based on what has come previously … twisting my emotions with laughter and delight one minute, only to be quickly followed by heartache and despair.  The show is evil.


2)      That I loved this show with everything I had for the way it has woven itself around and through my heart for the past 95 episodes, for taking a genre so filled with stereotypical creatures and storylines and filling it with complexities and emotions, dysfunctional family dynamic where normal is defined only by the life of the individual leading it, for weaving a story so tightly over a period of 5 years, crafting a tapestry that shows dimensions in it’s picturing of a hero’s journey and quest.


3)      That I had to write.  I had to write about this episode.   I had things to say, threads to follow, dialogue to weep over yet again even as it tied both past and present together.  I had to declare my love once again, in written word, for the character of a father who, in all actuality, has only physically been present in 11 out of 95 episodes and two of them were flashbacks, the character played by two completely different yet eerily similar looking/acting actors, yet whose presence has been felt … through the words, actions, feelings of his sons … in each and every episode.


There’s a fine line between love and hate, between good and evil.


I love that Supernatural is a program that doesn’t take the easy path, that walks the fine line in it’s creativity and presentation, that it’s characters are not always good men, but that they are human and trying to be honorable men amidst the chaos that is their lives.  I hate the fact that I can’t wait to progress in this story yet I hate for it to end, I am caught in the abyss of wanting it over so I know how it ends but not wanting it to continue because once complete, it is over.  Unlike a book, I can’t skip forward and read the ending before finding out how we get there. 


Frankly … this show is so good, it’s evil.


However, good or evil, this episode is one that had me sobbing and marveling, laughing and scoffing but more than that … it got me doing something I haven’t done in quite awhile … rambling.   I’ve found I can’t keep my thoughts away from the threads that were so adroitly tied together in this episode, the tapestry deepened, outlined, woven so tightly throughout the five seasons that the picture of this journey is fills it’s viewers with passion for the story that has come before and anticipation of what is yet to happen.  


So, the ramble continues …

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It's a Name ... It's a Meme ... It's a Name Meme!!

This amused me.   *grins*

(Stolen from raputathebuta , who stole it from bananabehr )



2.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(mother and fathers middle names)
Rose Leroy

3.NASCAR NAME:(first name of your mother's dad/mom, father's dad)
Ike Ralph

4.STAR WARS NAME:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name)

5.DETECTIVE NAME:(favorite color, favorite animal)
Red Bear

6.SOAP OPERA NAME:(middle name, town where you were born)
Rose Kansas City  (oh, yeah, that will earn me a secondary character role that never gets kissed!)

7.SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning)
The Pink Tea  *sigh*

8.FLY NAME:(first 2 letters of your 1ast name, last 2 letters of your last name)

9.STREET NAME:(fav ice cream flavor, fav cookie)
Everything But The Thin Mint   *facepalm*

10. PORN NAME: (1st pet's name, street you grew up on)
Tinkerbell Lively  (Not gonna say a word!)

11.YOUR GANGSTA NAME:(first 3 letters of last name plus izzle)
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It's Thursday, Therefore It MUST Be Supernatural

Yay!  It's that day ... that special, special day.  That day that brings us a new Supernatural episode! 

Excitement reigns.  Anticipation is reaching it's climax.

Or does it?

Cause, you know ... this episode tonight marks the beginning of the final four ... those four episodes designed to create mayhem and mischief with our hearts and our emotions ... to wrap around our minds and consume our thoughts with all things Winchester driving us ever further toward that brink of sweet release when suddenly ... at the end of these four new episodes ... the ending smacks us up side the head like a blasted semi pounding into our sweet Impala crashing our dreams, sending us spinning uncontrollably into the darkness known as "summer" that most people who are not Supernaturally obsessed look forward to with anticipation yet we can only look at and see the vastness wasteland called "No New Episodes" or ... gasp ... *whispers* ... Hiatus. 


Perhaps we need another week before the new episodes start.  I may need more time practicing my holding of my breath.


Okie doke ... I promised that I would post something today.  I've been trying to decide what to write and how to do it.  I have so many notes to sort through ... an overview of where we've been this season?  ... a jotting of several observations from the last few weeks? ... a full-on ramble from an episode?

Then I pulled out a piece that I had started after our last new episode aired.  It's not very long (in comparison to some things I've done) but it might amuse & entertain as well as remind where we left off and prep for what's to come. 

So, here it is ... 

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A Birthday Wish from The Keeper

Did you think that I would forget?

Not hardly.

While I don't have a party game put together and there isn't a little virtual story written, I do have a heart full of joy ready to celebrate with a smile and a wish. 

To Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... the talented man who has made dying an art and remaining in our hearts a gift. 

I found that he was the main reason I really liked watching Grey's Anatomy and when his character died it broke my heart and left me with a show that no longer satisfied me.. 

He was the main reason I went to see Watchmen and while his character was truly a b*****d, through his talent and the flashbacks, we were able to see the bit of humanity that made us sad that he had been killed (even if it was the catalyst for all that followed). 

He wasn't my main reason for watching that first episode of Supernatural, yet the character he created remains with the show even after his shocking death at the beginning of season two - not as a ghost but something more intrinsic to the overall story ... in the hearts and memories of the two sons who continue to fight as he trained them and to watch over each other as he taught them.  (I won't get started on BDW at this time ... I figure everyone pretty much knows how the Keeper feels about her BDW and that is due to JDM's characterization of a man worn by grief and fear for the safety of his two boys and ... huh?  Oh yeah, I wasn't going to do this here, was I?  Ooops.)  

There's been other roles ... other characters ... some have died and some have lived ... some I've cared for and some ... well ... umm ... Kabluey? ... seriously JDM? ... okay ... well, atleast it gave me a couple of really enjoyable screenshots to save so I'll stil count it a win.  :-)  However, behind each character created, there's the man with the soft rough voice, liquid eyes that spark and twinkle, and a grin that makes my heart stutter, not to mention a kind heart filled with an infectious laughter.   

So, join me in raising a glass and sharing some virtual cake as we wish Happy Birthday! to Jeffrey Dean Morgan ...

May your special day be blessed with joy and your year be filled with health and happiness, not to mention success in your endeavors.  We look forward to seeing more of you on the big screen as we privately pray that you will return the small screen as John Winchester just one more time.  :-)
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It's Thursday, It Must Be Supernatural


I love Thursdays.  I truly do.  In some ways even more than Friday or Saturday. 

It's crazy ... I know. 

Yet, it's true.

The week can be exhausting ...

The days can be gray and gloomy ...

The girlies can have me running in 16 different directions (usually 4 at a time) ...

My computer may crash ...

My ceiling may leak ...

The moron I work with can turn me into a hateful hag ...

But I know when I wake up on Thursday morning, I simply have to make it through the day in order to get my prize ... an hour of angst and delight as I receive the gift of yet another chapter in this season's saga.  (I won't spoil tonight's eppy for those who have not been inadvertantly spoiled as I have with a particularly delightful preview, I'll simply say for those that have seen it ... my pun was intended. *grins*)

Seriously, though, that hour (or rather that 42 minutes plus commercials) is something I truly count on.  I look forward to it.  I enjoy it.  It brings me a happy, pure and simple.
It's like a Hawaiian Shaved Ice on a hot summer evening after doing laundry.

It's like a warm pot of tea on a frosty winter morning trying to wake up.

It's like the soft hug from a girlie after a very hard day.

It's like the quiet grasp of my hand from a nervous girl before she leaves her seat to give a speech or a performance,  

It's like the bright smile of a small one who has crawled into my lap after successfully building and knocking down a block tower.

Moments in time that bring me joy ... that bring happiness ... I count on these points to keep the proverbial silver lining of my day glowing in the midst of the normal (and sometimes not so normal) chaos of my life.  They give me balance.

In the case of Supernatural, it is a specific time period ... something scheduled.  For me, Supernatural like a scheduled rainbow.  Bittersweet in that I know I'm going to have to accept the rain (the angst) that comes with it, but it's okay because I know that there will eventually come that one brief moment ... the rainbow ... that will make the rain and angst worth bearing.  

Yes, I know ... I'm wearing my geeky sentimental hat this morning.  What can I say?  I woke up early and had a few moments.  

So ... here I am on a Thursday ... the anticipation is building, giving birth to the butterflies of excitement blooming in the pit of my stomach.  

Anticipation for tonight's ep is especially tingly from a couple of points ... 1)  this is the last one before a two week hiatus and 2) it's the last one before the "final four".  Those final four chapters of this season's journey that will have us gasping at a climax and ... knowing The Kripke and the fact that he has had plenty of time to plan, plot, and connive ... a season finale that will haunt us for the duration of the summer.  

So, this morning I was dancing ... with delight ... and then ... I looked at my calendar.

*smacks forehead*  I swear the public school system hates me personally for they always seem to schedule things on Thursday nights ... and I have a mental block to retain information when it affects my Thursday night plans.  Thank goodness my girlies have learned (seriously, I'm not kidding) to 1) mark my calendars - both of them - in bold RED ink, knowing that it will catch my attention when I check my planned day and 2) give me a heads up verbally, not once, not twice but usually three or four times so that I cannot say they did not tell me about it.  *sigh*  

Tonight ... at 7pm central time - one hour before showtime  ... my twinkles are being inducted into the Junior National Honor Society.  This is a wonderful honor and, of course, I will be there (scowling at the school officials - beaming at my girlies).  I will be immensely proud and happy.  Yet, I'm honest enough with myself to know the following will also occur - 1) both VCRs will be set for 10 minutes prior and 10 minutes post, in order not to miss a thing, 2) I will have already parked strategically for a quick release from the parking lot, and ... biggest blessing of all ... 3) my girls are understanding of my Thursday night need to "cut and run" the minute things are concluded - especially if it's concluded before 8pm and the possibility of my zooming home in my little red Baby in time to see the Black Beauty and her Boys without waiting is a possibility.    *grins*

So, here I am ... preparing for another Thursday night ... with slight scheduling modifications.  Will tonight be simply a MOW or will it continue the mythic arc?  Will it be the rest and laughter after the emotionally charged eppies of late or will there be those moments derived from quiet terror that will set us up for a tense two week wait before the Final Four?  There's no way of knowing.  Our writer tonight, Julie Siege, is relatively new to our show, however her other two eppys ... Criss Angel is a Douchebag and It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester ... were both well done and had a slight emotional twist at the end. 

There's simply no way of knowing how tonight will end ... but one thing is certain ... tonight's episode will be a much anticipated new chapter that will leave me craving the next Thursday that will bring the next installment. 

*claps gleefully*
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It's Thursday, Therefore It Must Be Supernatural

It's Thursday and I am feeling the need to post something.

I want to post something even though ...

... I don't really have any words of wisdom to impart.

... I don't have another ramble ready.

... I don't have any quizzes or quotes.

I'm simply sitting here in my office, listening to one of my "Supernatural Mix" CD's as we continue our apartment inspections and I get up and down turning off and resetting alarms.

I was thinking about tonight ... and last week ... and enjoying that thrill that just seems to grow in my heart on Thursdays as the morning departs and the afternoon begins to edge towards the hour when the show will start.

No one here understands the small grin that creeps onto my face on Thursdays and stays there for most of the day (barring any unforseen stupid behavior from my Moron) in anticipation of enjoying another episode ... another hour (okay ... approx. 42 minutes after commercials are removed) with the Winchester boys as they continue their journey.  

After last week's On the Head of a Pin, I must admit to being a bit worn out emotionally.  This journey has definitely taken some serious turns for both our boys.  Angst and heartache can only go for so long before I'm simply a puddle on the floor.  After last week, I was certainly heading in the direction of that puddle.   

You know ... at the end of Sex and Violence, my heartbroken response was ... "Crap ... you boys are so NOT okay!"

Then came Death Takes a Holiday, and my horrified response was ... "Crap!  CrapCrapCrap!"

At the end of last week's On the Head of a Pin, I was my sniffling response was ... "H.O.L.Y. C.R.A.P.!!!!!!"

Even with the brief hiatus interrupting between S&V and DTaH, these three episodes packed so much information, so much emotion, so much heartache that I truly felt like breathing was going to become in issue as surely as it did for Dean when Alistair had him by the throat. 

The boys have certainly had a rough time and, as fans following right along, so have we. 

I'd like to think that this week's episode will be of lighter fare.  One of those little breaks that we get occasionally.  According to the glimpse (my only spoilage - please don't say anything if you know more) given in the preview last week, it certainly appears to be that way ... yet ... I happened to find out that tonight is written by my pal Sera Gamble, who is not exactly known for her "light and silly" fun episodes.  While Sera can pack some "fun" lines or situations in her tales, knowing the boys the way she does ...

Faith ... "I'm not going to die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot."

Bloodlust ... "You hear a couple of severed heads and a pile of dead cows and you're Mister Sunshine."

Heart ... Sam & Madison ... Dean leaving  ... fistpump ... you get the idea.  *grins* 

Houses of the Holy ... Magic Fingers ... 'nuf said.

Yet, Sera's episodes tend to not be about the funny ... they just have brief moments ... and so, I have to admit I've got those tummy wiggles of anxious anticipation. 

And I didn't want to have them by myself.  I wanted to share. 

Wasn't that kind of me? 

Perhaps I'm wrong ... perhaps since Ben penned such an incredibly dramatic filled episode last week, this week Sera will try her comedy wings. 

I guess we shall see. 

Meantime ... it's now less than eight hours and I'm into my afternoon.  Alarms have stopped for the day and my Moron has a project that should keep him busy and out of my hair for most all of the afternoon. 

To round out this posting that has no point ... figured I'd share a couple of my geekier moments.  *facepalm*

1)  On the way to work this morning, CCR's "Run through the Jungle" began playing.  I answered my cellphone expecting my friend for whom I have the song set.  *sighs*  The song was on the radio.

2)  I've been doing something this season that is absurd but gives me a silly happy.  I've been checking the episode times against the other seasons.  We won't go into my little book of mathematics.  It's embarrassing enough that I've felt the need to know this information. I've tracked each season ... episodes one through 16 ... and these are my results:

--- So far, with 16 episodes, Season One still had the most time, followed by Season Four, then Season Two, and finally Season Three.  (Of course, Season Three will now be permanently in last place as it only has the 16 episodes to compare.)

Actual tallys?  
Season One --- 11 hours, 21 minutes, and 19 seconds
Season Four --- 11 hours, 14 minutes, and 20 seconds
Season Two --- 11 hours, 5 minutes, and 13 seconds
Season Three --- 10 hours, 49 minutes, and 12 seconds

Yeah ... I know ... I need a life.  *sigh*  Just please don't anyone mention this to my girlies.  The twinks wil NEVER let me live it down!  *grins*

Happy Thursday, ya'll!!!

Enjoy the show ... cause happy or sad it's still the best to be had. 

*I have sooooo got to get off this computer now*
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An Apology & A Random Debt Paid

Above the cut:

Ahem.  *clears throat*  It seems as though I owe LJ an apology. 

*takes back kick*

It seems it is not their fault that I am not able to post.  It's also not the fault of my Word 2007.   Evidently, when my computer caught an infection a couple weeks ago, it caused a bit of an unseen problem before it was caught and quarantined and erradicated.  Evidently this infection affected an .exe program that plays a large role in how stuff transfers on my computer.  My brother can give you a long technical explanation but it's Greek to me.  All I understand is that for right now ... files on my computer do not copy easily (yeah!  like trying to get a puppy to wear clown shoes) over to the internet.  Right now I can't even upload stuff to my photobucket, let alone to LJ or BFZ or anywhere else.  And don't get me started on how it has affected the application on Facebook (no it's not a part of that virus Gaby warned us of - thank goodness!) that has my Twinkles in an uproar.  Oy!

My brother is working on the problem and feels confident that he can help me fix it without having to pay out my roadtrip savings for a house call or being disconnected from my intravenous internet addiction by taking the computer into the geek squad for repairs.  However, since he's in Austin working evenings and I'm in Broken Arrow working days ... it's a bit tricky.

So ... I'm trying to figure out how I can do this ... but in the meantime, anything I post has to be typed out completely - no copy/paste ... and ... well ... perhaps these rambles aren't as long as some that I've posted, but they are aren't short little essays either.  


So, please bear with me ... and ... in the meantime ... I have a debt to pay our dear Professor.

I'm going to tuck it under the cut.
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31 Years ... 31 Quotes ... A Birthday Party for Jensen

Hey, everyone! 

After spending all day (okay not ALL day, but enough to get frustrated) yesterday attempting to post my ramble, I'm going to put that aside and try to post this.  If I'm lucky ... you're reading this.  If I'm not ...I'm truly going to be frustrated and no one is going to wish to speak to me. 

However, it's a special day and I want to give this a shot before heading into my crazy Sunday. 


Collapse )

Oh ... and if this works ... I'll be back this evening to try and post my ramble again.  :-) 

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It's Thursday, Therefore It Must Be Supernatural

Even if it is a re-run.  Doesn't matter.  For me, Thursdays are simply Supernatural.  :-)

So ... what better day for me to come back here to my little Ramble Room, dust out the cobwebs, and get back to the business of writing ... of rambling about the show that got me to start writing in the first place?


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